SONICAM specializes in the design and the manufacture of the most advanced machinery and equipment for Mould Manufacturing and Mould Maintenance in the glass container industry. Sonicam has become the leading supplier in the world as 75% of factories around the world use Sonicam Machines in their Mould Shop. Their wide range of machines has been developed carefully according to the requirements of the glass container industry. Due to our expertise in Glass Molds, Sonicam is the perfect partner in designing Green Field mould shops by providing you the most innovative and efficient Mould Machineries, abrasives and equipment, work benches and the entire mould shop layout.

Sonicam’s range of products are listed below:


  • S1 – Mould Polishing
  • S2 – Casper Fine Polishing
  • S3 – Mould Gauging
  • RS4P – Plunger Polishing
  • RS6 – Mould Drilling
  • RS7 – Mould Grinding
  • S9 – Soniscan 3D Scanner
  • S10 – Sonivolume

Handheld Solutions

  • Movix – Hand Polishing Unit
  • RWU – Repair Welding Unit