About Rondot Group

The Group was founded in 1936 by Mr. Rondot, grandfather of the current CEO, Louis Rondot. The Company is based in Champagne au Mont d´Or near Lyon in France and specialized in the production of consumables, mainly for the Lyon textile silk industry.

In the 1970s, the Group made a shift towards the glass container industry, which today represents 95% of the Group’s activity.

Rondot Group is both a commercial and industrial company whose customers are the world’s largest container glass production groups (around 600 production sites worldwide). The Group operates in the service of the production of glass bottles, by intervening on the noble part called the “hot end” which corresponds to the glass forming process area.

With a workforce of 200 people, production workshops in the United Kingdom (2), France (3) and the United States (1), and 12 commercial subsidiaries, the Group generates sales of around 50 million Euro.

Group Companies