About Specialty Rondot

Specialty Rondot, a Rondot Group company, specializes in servicing the container glass industry through the supply of state of the art production equipment and customized engineering solutions. Our experienced sales engineers are available to visit customers and discuss regular requirements as well as potential efficiency and quality improvements within the container glass manufacturing process. CAD services are offered for bespoke customer solutions or modifications to standard equipment.

History of Specialty Rondot

Specialty Rondot Inc. is the American arm of a French multinational firm, Rondot Group, which supplies manufacturing equipment to the container glass industry. Specialty Rondot was founded in 1989, originally as a partnership between Carol Schnall of Specialty Products Company and Louis Rondot of A & L Rondot S.A., in order to provide equipment for the container glass industry in the United States from France. Specialty Rondot is steeped in the traditions set before them by three generations of glass making families, allowing them to provide the utmost quality products available in the container glass industry.

Specialty Rondot has been established to provide the global market with the advantages of the most innovative manufacturing equipment available today for the manufacturing of container glass.


  • Batch Chargers
  • Furnace / Inspection Cameras
  • Shear & Scoop Spray Systems
  • Machine Lubrication
  • Feeder Equipment
  • Expendables
  • Delivery Equipment
  • Auto-Swabbing Robot
  • Plunger Mechanism
  • Spare Parts and IS Machine Variable Equipment
  • Lehr Loaders, Transfer Wheels and Cross Conveyors
  • Conveyor Chains, Lehr Belts, Sprockets
  • Cold End Coating Bridges and Cold End Coating Dosing Systems
  • Mould Gauges, Reamers and Calibers
  • Mould Polishing and Plunger Polishing Machines
  • Mould Volume Measuring Equipment
  • Measurement & Control Equipment
  • Pro Glass Contact