VTF 2000 Transfer Unit

The VTF - 2000 Transfer Unit is purposely designed for handling containers produced on TG and QG production machines. The gradual collection of the containers at the entrance to the transfer, along with a smooth, large radius curve and unique finger motion at the exit, ensures that bottles are transferred onto the cross conveyor accurately.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 finger sizes
  • 4 finger spacing configurations
  • Designed for TG or QG production
  • Unique finger retract system
  • 'Quick Change' fingers
  • Transfers containers from 40mm to 96mm diameter
  • Adjustable top and bottom ware guides
  • Spacing reduced job set-up time
  • Enhanced container stability
  • Recommend to be used in conjunction with independent Belt Drive.
  • Reliable cross conveyor spacing
  • Minimal spares holding
  • Round containers - consistent ware handling up to 1,000 BPM
  • Flask production at 300 - 400 BPM
  • Intermediate fingers from 12 fingers and above
  • For optimum performance we recommend use Sheppee Cross Conveyor (CCA) and Independent Belt Drive (IDB)
  • Recommend service intervals 12 months
  • Carbon or SSB insulation
Technical Specifications:

Operating Speed: Up to 1000 BPM

Standard chain Length: 157.5"

Chain Pitch: 3/4" "Duplex ¾"

Number of teeth on drive sprocket: 30

Chain Movement per revolution of drive shaft: 22.5"

Installation Details and Service Requirements:

  • Connection to Lincoln lubrication
  • Can be driven by servo or synchronous motor drive
  • Can work with all I.S. machine drive systems

Transfer can be used in conjunction with a Sheppee ITD-8200 Transfer Drive Unit