T2 Stacker

The T2 3-axis Servo controlled stacker has been specifically designed to meet the ever increasing operational and performance requirements associated with high speed production lines. The T2 stacker uses an advanced "intelligent" interface allowing the customer to enter minimal information about the container and production data via a 15 color touch screen. The stackers' software uses advanced optimization techniques to automatically calculate the smoothest profile motion possible for each individual type of container without the need of the operator having to perform any significant changes on start up. This feature provides the user with precise and controlled ware handling into the lehr for all container types.

Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent optimization software
  • Simple and easy to use 15" color touch screen interface
  • Jetter Servo drives technology used for all 3 axis
  • IPC with removable hard drive and USB ports for data back-up
  • Job storage and on line editing facilities
  • Staggered stacking and bottle sort feature
  • Remote dial - in facility for external support (optional)
  • Password protected operational features
  • Fully adjustable ware steady mechanism (optional)
  • Synchronized by trigger pulse from I/S machine controller
  • Integral control panel cooling system as standard
  • Mounting rails supplied as standard
  • Adjustable push bar mounting
  • Air supply for pushbar cooling
  • Remote electrical panel which can be mounted up to 100m away from the Lehr loader
  • Air conditioning unit available for remote panel (optional)
  • Ware reject control
  • Recommended service every 5 years