Speedgob Plus

Measures length, temperature & velocity of Gobs between shear point and blank load.
An invaluable aid to the machine operator to optimise production and assist in problem solving.
Simple to operate:

  • Three "soft keys", large LCD screen:
    allows set up while on shop floor
  • Small, lightweight and adjustable hand held handle with sensor
  • Button on the handle: allows single handed measurements
  • Handle design allows use on multiple cavity configurations including triple and quad gob
  • Rotation of sensor head: allows positioning for different configurations
  • Length of handle: keeps operator away from machine
  • Metric (SI) or Imperial units - Multiple languages

Operation modes on hand held console

  • Configuration: Set-up machine name, section number, cavity number for data storage / 100 machines,
    sections and cavities available.
  • Store mode: store gob length, temperature & velocity measurements / over 100,000 measurements
    in total.
  • Data Review: review stored data - scroll back through history
  • Data transfer: wirelessly transferred to PC and viewed in MS Excel.
  • Live mode: for quick measurements with no setup. Displays gob length, speed and approximate
    diameter based upon user-entered gob weight. Average function shows average readings over last
    10 measurements (user set). Readings are not committed to memory.
  • Handle runs on standard D cell batteries, Console runs on 4 x AA batteries.
  • Single use or rechargeable batteries can be used.