Mould Gauging Machine

Brand : Sonicam

The Sonicam Mould Gauging Machine of Type S3 is an entirely new machine, built up with a new Siemens  control with big  colour display. It features an easier to use software and provides a quicker and more precise measurement.

The Sonicam Mould Gauging Machine operates as follows:

  • An expanding bladder is inflated with water into the mould cavity.
  • The measurement is obtained by comparing the water displacement of the mould against the known displacement of a reference mould. The reference mould can be any cavity with a known volume.
  • The displacement of the water is obtained by a cylinder and a piston activated by a jack driven by a brushless motor and controlled by the numerical control.
  • The inflation is stopped when the measuring pressure is reached.
  • The error due to the temperature variation is corrected by the NC by measuring the water temperature with an electronic probe.
  • Searching the machine's origin, draining and calibrating after starting up are completely automatic.
  • A gauging sheet of each series of moulds can be printed and measurements of several series of moulds can be stored in memory.
  • But more important is the PC connection and the files can be copied on an Excel spreadsheet using SONICAM software.
  • The spreadsheet allows selecting moulds to use on the I.S. machine with a defined volume tolerance.
  • The moulds can be monitored on the PC during their complete lifetime.

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The Sonicam Gauging Machine of Type S3 shows the following advantages compared to gauging manually with water  :

  • Very accurate and  quick ;
  • Very easy to operate and economical ;
  • The results vary little depending upon the operator who cannot alter them.

Types of moulds & mould clamping:

  • Three parts I.S. moulds.
  • Round and shaped moulds, moulds with engravings.
  • Bottle, wide mouth and jar moulds.
  • Vertical clamping controlled by the machine.
  • Horizontal clamping with a torque wrench.


The accuracy & cycle time of the Sonicam Gauging Machine of Type S3 are:

MOULD VOLUME                    CYCLE TIME            MACHINE ACCURACY

+/- 100 ml                           35 sec.                       +/- 0.05 ml

+/- 350 ml                           60 sec.                       +/- 0.06 ml

+/- 1000 ml                          90 sec.                       +/- 0.09 ml

The adaptors of the Sonicam Gaugong Machine of Type S3 are in two parts and can be changed after calibrating. The reference mould does not have to have the same neck Ø as the series to measure.