Mould Polishing Machine

Brand : Sonicam

The Sonicam Mould Polishing Machine of Type S1 is an entirely new machine that offers:

  • SAFETY : Plexiglas hoods and magnetic holders with locking check.
  • ERGONOMICS : Flat table, embedded magnetic holders.
  • NEW SPINDLE MECHANISM : Sealed bearings lubricated for life.
  • GUIDING : Rails & linear bearings = stiffness.
  • New SIEMENS control with big colour display, easier to use software.

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The advantages of the Sonicam Mould Polishing Machine of Type S1 are:

  • 1, 2 or 3 moulds can be polished simultaneously.
  • Up to 2000 set-ups of moulds can by memorised.
  • Low speeds can be programmed for the difficult areas of the mould profile.
  • Spindle speed : 7000 rpm, shorter polishing cycles and better quality.
  • A range of special flap wheel tools and abrasive rings is available.
  • Electrical security to check the locking of the magnetic holder and the hood.
  • Magnetic holders embedded in the plane stainless steel table, which makes it easy to move the moulds.