RS7 Joint grinding machine

Brand : Sonicam

The Sonicam Grinding Machine of Type RS7 is a flat- and hollow grinder for grinding mould joints after repair. The machine is manual in order to allow taking away material only where necessary. The mould is positioned on a magnetic holder with V-blocks. The mould can be adjusted in 2 directions to make sure that the joint is perfectly parallel with the table of the machine: the mould can be axially adjusted in the V-blocks with a gauge and mould & holder together can be longitudinally adjusted with a comparator. The hollow grinding is obtained with a copying device and a template at a scale of 10:1 for depth and 1:1 for length. The profile of the template is +/- 1 mm deep and can be made easily and accurately enough with a file.

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The advantages of the Sonicam Grinding Machine of Type RS7:

  • A perfect positioning even of moulds with a damaged band diameter.
  • Less material is removed than with a milling machine: longer lifetime.
  • Time saving compared with manual repair with a file.
  • Better joint quality than with manual repair, no burrs.


The main characteristics of the Sonicam Grinding Machine of Type RS7 are:

  • Stroke: 600 mm
  • Transversal movement: 370 mm
  • Maximum distance between table and spindle axis: 475 mm
  • Maximum clearance between magnetic holder (without V-blocks) and grinding stone (new): 250 mm
  • Grinding stone dimensions: Ø 200 mm x 32 mm
  • Spindle speed: 2850 RPM
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 1200 x 1300 x 1850 mm, 392 kg