Brand : Sonicam

How does the RS4P operate ?

  • Totally mechanical longitudinal movements of the polishing heads (speed varia tor and cranks).
  • Pneumatic stone pressure, the fi ngers holding the grinding stones close and open automati cally at the beginning and at the end of the cycle
  • Pressure, rotation speed and stroke can be continuously and individually adjusted for each polishing head while machine is in operation
  • Longitudinal speed is continuously adjustable for the two heads together while machine is in operation
  • The cycle time is set by a timer


Advantages of the RS4P

  • Plungers of different sizes can be polished at the same time
  • Longitudinal polishing, which is a must for the NNPB process
  • Horizontal movement eliminates oil leaking on the chucks
  • Polishing possible with stones, diamond stones (large assortment specially adapted for the machine available)