Shear Spray System – Individual Feeder Dosing

Brand : Graphoidal

The Graphoidal Single Feeder Shear Spray Unit provides a cost effective alternative to centralized systems. Rated to operate on a single production line, it provides oil savings and a reliable gob shearing operation, with precise, automatic on-line digital ratio control, up to 2,000:1.

One or more of these single units can be linked to other Graphoidal modules to control bacteria, acidity, pressure and temperature, to provide water preparation and distribution to meet your individual requirements.

  • Automatic digital ratio control up to 2,000:1
  • Ratio is maintained regardless of changes in flow
  • Water and oil mixes at point of use to reduce effects of bacteria
  • No emulsion storage
  • Security access code for changing settings
  • On-line display of oil and water use
  • Display information is language selectable

Precise, automatic ratio control - Precision Dosing

The dosing equipment comprises water flow measurement, automatic oil injection pump, electronic back-up pump, a manually operated priming pump and an oil flow sensor, all integrated by a system circuit board.

Water flow is measured by a high precision electronic flow meter that transmits pulses to the system circuit board. These pulses are converted into pump operating signals by the system circuit board and each signal delivers a single shot of oil through the positive displacement injection pump. The oil flow sensor monitors and confirms the flow of oil into the water.

The injection pump delivers a precise volume of oil with each operation. The system board regulates the number of pump strokes per minute, according to the set ratio and water flow. In this way the ratio is maintained regardless of fluctuations in water flow with almost absolute accuracy.

Security and alarms

Security: Ratio control is accessed using a touch screen with security access code.

Alarms: System integrity is maintained by an alarm system with constantly monitors in the operation.

Built in back-up: An electronic back up pump provides instant, automatic changeover in case of problems, preventing unwanted downtime.

Technical data of the Single Feeder Shear Spray Unit:

  • Water flow: Max 90 litres per hour
  • Water connection: ¼" BSP Stainless Steel
  • Water preassure: Min 4 bar - Max 10 bar
  • Air connection: ¼" BSP
  • Air pressure: 50 psi
  • Electrical connection: 2 x independently fused single phase, 6A supplies
  • Standard ratio range: 300:1 up to 2,000:1
  • Oil type: Any commercial shear oil

The Single Feeder Shear Spray Unit is expandable with other Graphoidal Modules.