Shear spray bars

Brand : Graphoidal

Graphoidal Spray Bars and Mounting Systems are available for a wide range of feeder mechanisms.

  • Blade cooling and lubrication achieved by fine atomisation.
  • No internal wear parts
  • Nozzle blockages reduced due to venturi action.
  • Available for all type of shear mechanisms
  • Optional; mounting systems are available.
  • Environmental impact is reduced.

8mm thick Stainless Steel Ultraslim Spray Bars

  • Ultraslim Spray Bars for spraying from above when shearing close to the orifice is required.
  • Triple point outlets (left) are an option for improved cooling efficiency on the very high speed machines for optimal performance.

12.5mm thick Stainless Steel Spray Bars

  • Available as High Efficiency for spraying from above the shears.
  • Or a Short Series Spray Bar for spraying from below the shears