Pro Glass Contact / PGC

High Quality Insulation Material Stainless Steel Braid

The advantages of using the Rondot Pro Glass Contact are:

  • High quality insulation material for an accurate glass contact


  • Stainless Steel Braids


  • Avoid glass checks, glass weakness and breakage
  • Avoid the build-up of tin or titanium deposits (after the hot end coating hood) on the transfer wheel fingers or stacker bar pads
  • Can be welded to your existing supports or supplied on a standard ready to use support
  • Retains its elasticity and anti-check properties under hot operating conditions
  • No frayed yarns on the braid


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Pro Glass Contact has a life of 4 to 5 times longer than the other type of product available on the market.

The Pro Glass Contact material is available in :

  • Square braid :   3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm
  • Sleeve :              3mm / 4 to 6mm / 8 to 12mm
  • Round :              for special applications up to 40mm
  • Working :           800° C