Cooling Wind Base

A significant improvement of the radial cooling efficiency of the IS Machine moulds

With the existing system:

  • Drop of pressure between the section box and the cooling stack of +/- 400mm WC
  • Capacity of the cooling blower is increased to compensate for this pressure drop
  • Increased Electricity consumption

With the Rondot Wind Base you have

  • A new design concept with a special open angle for a higher air flow


The Main Features of the ON/OFF Wind Base are:

  • Wide opening angle and cross sectional area of the flap valve for a higher air flow
  • IDENTICAL open area for inlet and outlet
  • Complete machining of the inside surface avoids turbulence
  • The flap valve, when fully open, has no restriction on air flow


The main Benefits of the ON/OFF Wind base are:

  • 30% increase in flow provides more efficency for the mould cooling
  • Solid design in steel, not in cast iron
  • Breakage resistance
  • Long service life
  • Aluminium flap with special axis : Reduces the weight of moving components to improve reliability
  • Increased air piston diameter : Assures smoother, more positive closing
  • After assembly, the base-plate is re-machined and polished to be sure that the base is perfectly flat which ensures there is no air escaping between Section Box and Wind Base

Also Available, the  Wind Nozzles Base with Manual Flap, also steel made, LIFE GUARANTEE, and valid for a wide range of IS Machines.