Multi-Cycle Lubrication Control Centre

Brand : Graphoidal

A forming machine lubrication control centre which offers up to 18 separately timed lubrication outputs to optimise mechanism lubrication and oil consumption by zoning the IS Machine and lubricating each zone on a different time period from only one oil tank and pump.

From a single point, the system provides multiple lubricant outputs/zones, supplying oil to different groups of mechanisms, with independent cycle times for each output.

This enables differing cycle time settings for different mechanisms such as section mounted , plunger , the feeder, the shear, the machine conveyor and ware handling elements of the forming area.

  • Independent digital timer control per zone/output.
  • Reduced oil consumption.
  • Alarm monitoring of each zone/output.
  • Online display of zone/output lubrication cycles.
  • Digital flow metering for oil consumption analysis