Laser Eject

The Rondot Laser Eject «stick and down» system uses a 1 mm wide laser beam which is broken by the moving container.

The system automatically detects containers that are stuck together or have fallen down by monitoring the duration the laser beam is cut.

The set-up is fully automatic, other than the need for the operator to enter the diameter of the container being produced.

The Laser Eject prevents coating hood blockages, offers an easy setup, and possesses a strong beam with water cooled laser & receiver.

The Laser Eject features and benefits:

  • Maximum control speed : 800 containers per minute
  • Automatic memory of container diameter.
  • 1 mm wide laser beam permits the acceptance of containers with a space higher than 1 mm.
  • Can control SG /DG / TG / QG production.
  • Water cooling is used for laser and receiver.
  • Number of good containers as well as number of ejected containers available as an option.