ITD 8200 Independent Transfer Drive Unit

The ITD-8000 is a free standing, floor mounted Ware Transfer Drive Unit.Its design incorporates mechanical linear and height adjustment of the Ware Transfer, giving the ability to correctly position the Transfer unit during a production run. Suitable for installation on any IS production line the ITD-8000 can be prepared for any type of drive motor or supplied with servo motor and controls as a standalone Transfer and Transfer Drive package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Free standing unit - no conveyor mounting required
  • Mechanical linear and height adjustments for accurate transfer positioning
  • Height adjustable levelling feet
  • For use on all IS production lines
  • Suitable for all Sheppee ware transfer lines
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Reduced set up time
  • Flexible transfer positioning
  • Reduced costs in maintenance and operation
  • Improved production efficiencies through improved transfer performance
  • Suitable for customers synchronous or servo motor
  • Can be used in conjunction with Sheppee ware handling system
Technical Specifications:

Motor Specifications:

Synchronous or servo motor - 0.75kw min

Overall Dimensions:

- Width: 1000mm
- Depth: 500mm
- Height: 950mm

Transfer adjustment range:

- Side to side: 150mm
- In and out: 100mm
- Up and down: 100mm