H.E.R.M (Hot end row monitor)

Immediate automated detection of nonlinear stacking in to Lehr.

The Hot End Row Monitor is mounted across the entrance to the Annealing Lehr, continuously monitoring the alignment of the rows of containers being loaded.

Alignment errors are alarmed, informing production personnel that attention is required.

This early warning enables the stacker setup to be continually optimized, reducing the effect of bad stacking on the cold end spray operation and reducing the potential for ware falling oven on the Lehr belt.

  • Constant Row Monitoring
  • Operator adjustable alarm setting
  • Reduces Cold End Coating rejects
  • Compact, non-contact beam sensors and optics fiber
System Features:

  • Small Rittal enclosure to be mounted on the side of the lehr
  • Infra-red light beam transmitter with optic fiber and lens
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Alarm with identification on detecting a row alignment failure
  • Flashing beacon alarm
  • Sounder alarm (optional)

Volt free contact for remote alarm annunciation