Cast Iron and Steel Troughs

The Groupe Rondot proposes Cast Iron Troughs and Steel Troughs. Both offer distinct advantages:

Advantages of the Cast Iron Trough :

  • Stable Gob Loading
  • Consistent Temperature
  • 8 mm thickness
  • High quality finish

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Advantages of the Steel Trough :

  • Light weight makes it easier for job change
  • Quick order time
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Economical
  • 4 x 6 mm thick

Air Ride Troughs are also available. For an IS 10 sections QG producing Beer Bottle, the typical need in air is :

  • High pressure fan : 1500mm WC
  • Flow : 0,85m3/s


The Groupe Rondot Troughs are available in U shape and V shape.