Baffle lock ring

The Baffle Lock Ring is designed for quick change arm or for standard baffle arm. It is a robust piece of equipment thanks to the Pressure Plate Design, and it thus lasts very long.


The Baffle Lock Ring Kit allows you to upgrade a quick change from the Baffle arm to our new Lock Ring. Various parts, proposed in several references, may be used :

-          The Equalizer is proposed in 4.1/4''(ref A02639), 5''(ref A02638), 5.1/2''(ref A02303) and            6.1/4'' (ref A02640)

-          The Cupped Washer (ref A02634)

-          The Spring (ref A02637)

-          The Pin (ref A02636)

-          The Lock Ring (ref A02633)

-          The Bushing (ref A02630)


The Lock ring is proposed in two versions:

-           Part IS 33 SR 6 / Lock Ring without Baffle Guide


-           Others / Lock Ring with Baffle Guide