AWT 1000 Transfer Unit

The AWT - 1000 in design and concept is very similar to the HST - 6000. This unit has a longer chain and has a more varied selection of finger spacing. It is suitable for handling most types of production up to around 500bpm. The AWT - 1000 has the same curve profile as the HST - 6000 but a larger transfer.

Features and Benefits:

  • 4 finger sizes
  • 8 finger spacing configurations
  • 'Quick Change' fingers
  • Transfers containers from 40mm to 170mm
  • Adjustable top and bottom ware guides
  • Spacing reduced by 40% through transfer
  • Reduced job set-up time
  • Enhanced container stability
  • Reliable cross conveyor spacing
  • Minimal spares holding
  • Consistent ware handling up to 450BPM
  • Intermediate fingers for 12 and above
  • For optimum performance we recommend use with Sheppee Cross Conveyor
  • Recommended service intervals 12 months
  • Carbon or SSB insulation
Technical Specifications:

Operating Speed: Up to 450BPM

Standard chain Length: 108"

Chain Pitch: 3/4" Duplex

Number of teeth on drive sprocket: 30

Chain Movement per revolution of drive shaft: 22.5"

Installation details and Service Requirements:

  • Connection to Lincoln lubrication
  • Can be driven by servo or synchronous motor drive
  • Can work with all I.S. machine drive systems
  • Transfer can be used in conjunction with a Sheppee ITD-8000-2 Transfer Drive Unit or STK-9284 Transfer Drive Gearbox