Airless Pushbar ALP

The ALP Range of Pushbars from Sheppee International are an evolution in the robust box sectional range of bars which have been our trademark over the last 20 years. This new range of Pushbar removes any pre-stress and air cooling requirement and allows lateral expansion to take place whilst maintaining a parallel loading face. This bar works in conjunction with all existing pocket designs and hardware and be supplied in a fixed or adjustable configuration. Bar lengths of 4 meters and over are now supplied in a two-piece assembly with turnbuckle outriggers to assist in any deflection-dampening on higher cycle rates.

Features and Benefits:

  • No requirement to pre-heat. The pushbar is installed straight and stays straight at all times during the production run
  • Pushbars of four meter or greater will be supplied in two pieces with an adjustable mounting plate and outriggers to prevent deflection and vibration
  • The Sheppee Airless Pushbar can be fitted to different manufactures Lehr Loaders
  • Quick change end pocket assemblies
  • Uses the same pocket configuration and hardware as existing air cooled pushbars
  • Interconnecting heat shield design helps to balance the main structure expansion, therefore allowing for the bar to remain straight
  • Fixed pocket type available
  • Tested and proven up to 5.25 meters