Claw Couplings

Brand : Pennine

Pennine Industrial Equipment Limited offer a unique range of specialised Claw Couplings, these are available in two distinctive types.

Claw Couplings for Static Operation.

These fit on shafts up to 155 mm in diameter on the sliding (driving) half and up to 195 mm diameter on the driven side. Having a maximum torque of 61,800 Nm. This range of mechanical clutches are designed for occasional engagement and disengagement of transmission drives when the shafts are stationary.

These couplings are manufactured from EN8 steel which is precision machined. The teeth are hand fitted in each position to ensure the couplings will engage in each position and flame hardened to give the coupling durability. Please note that due to the precises fit of the teeth, which ensures there is no vibration or backlash when engaged, the shafts must be perfectly inline to allow smooth engagement of the coupling.

The standard coupling has a sliding (driving) half which is engaged and disengaged by the handle operating mechanism. This half normally slides directly on a greased steel shaft. If the coupling is to operate in a corrosive environment, or is to  operate only very occasionally, a self lubricating liner bush may be fitted to the bore of the coupling to afford easier operating. This liner bush is bonded in position and as an added precaution is held in position by a keep plate.

Claw Couplings for Rotating Operation.

These couplings fit on shafts up to 209mm in diameter on the sliding (driving) half and torques up to 206,000 Nm. This series of mechanical clutches are designed for engagement and disengagement of transmission drives when the shafts are rotating.

The coupling flanges are manufactured out of EN8 steel which is precision machined. The teeth are hand fitted in each position to allow smooth engagement and eliminate any backlash or vibration. The teeth are flame hardened to a condition which allows them to bed together but ensures they remain tough and effective and so distribute the torque evenly on all the teeth.