Specialty Rondot supplies the glass container industry with the most up-to-date top-notch products and equipment born of the know-how and the seventy years experience of the "Groupe Rondot" team and the close feedback of our customers.

We provide a wide range of innovative, adaptable, reliable and quality mechanical and engineered products to our customers. Moreover, some parts may be customized to fulfill specific needs.

Specialty Rondot Team is at your disposal for any additional information on our offer.”

The Rondot Dead Plate are manufactured in Steel Nitride and are valid for 4.1/4", 5.1/2", SG, DG, TG, QG.
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The Rondot Take Out Tongs, SG, and the Monobloc Take Out Tongs, DG - TG - QD, are made of brass or of steel, and are manufactured with inserts for hot glass contact.
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The Baffle Lock Ring is designed for quick change arm or for standard baffle arm. It is a robust piece of equipment thanks to the Pressure Plate Design, and it thus lasts very long.
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