Groupe Rondot joined by IS Engineering to form RISE GROUP

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In July 2016, Groupe RONDOT joined by IS Engineering to form RISE GROUP. After 45 active years, Louis RONDOT hands over Chief Executive role to Carlo MOBAYEB, owner of IS Engineering and 25-year experience in the glass industry.

IS Engineering AG, based in Zug Switzerland is specialized in the innovative development of industrial equipment and SaaS IoT solutions dedicated to the glass industry. Carlo Mobayed will manage RISE base out of Switzerland and will benefit from the support of a Supervisory Board led by Louis Rondot as Chairman, Siparex, MBO Partenaires and Carvest as Board members. In fact, RISE majority is owned (51%) by management and is financed by France’s Largest banking group (Credit Agricole).

L.Rondot: “We now have two new investors on board with whom we want to build a promising future for the new group as conceived by a committed team of Group Managers through an ambitious but realistic business plan. This team led by Carlo Mobayed represents the ‘wealth’ of RISE GROUP, and the presence of renowned investors is a strong backing for what has been done and for the project designed by Carlo Mobayed”

C. Mobayed: “Reflecting on their respective pasts, both Groupe Rondot SAS and IS Engineering AG hold successful track records in delivering useful, reliable and innovative solutions to the glass industry. Going forward, their strategies of differentiation and innovation will only intensify and accelerate as they rely on a team that is diversified in skills, however unified in its objectives”