Multi Shear Spray UnitRUREX ShearbladesTin Oxide Monitoring & Coating Application TesterHandy 6 PyrometerSpeedgob Plus

Multi Shear Spray Unit

The Graphoidal Multi Shear Spray Unit provides a cost effective alternative to centralised systems. Rated to operate on multiple production lines, it provides oil savings and a reliable gob sharing operation, with precise, automatic online digital radio control, up to 2000:1
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RUREX Shearblades

RurexShearblades are designed for the use on High-Speed IS machines and are made with special stainless steel alloy with a high hardness and toughness, developed only for cutting glass gobs.
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Speedgob Plus

The Rondot Speedgob Plus measures length, temperature and velocity of Gobs between shear point and blank load. It provides an invaluable aid to the machine operator to optimize production and assist in problem solving.
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